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Creepy-crawly things in the bush

My new pet is a Huntsman

Keeping warm out here in the bush means you've got to wrestle Huntsmen and Scorpions for your firewood.

Me and Ken took the ute out into the forest to find some logs to cut up and bring home for firewood. As he starts up the chainsaw and cuts into the first log I see something crawling away and up the closest tree, a big spider that hid behind the bark, startled by this strange activity. Soon I started gathering up the newly cut-up pieces and as I was carrying one of the to the ute I saw another fairly big Huntsman sitting on the log. He was watching me as well, we had a moment together before I decided I'd rather get rid of him than have him crawl up my arm. So I threw the piece of wood onto the ute and ran up to see if I could get rid of the damned thing with a stick. He was upside-down on his back and his legs were twitching, soon he was dead.

I heard Ken shout and saw him whack another big one off his shoulder. It had crawled all the way up his leg and was steadily making it's way toward his neck, probably to give him a nibble. Apparently we'd disturbed a nest and I saw many more of those little things before we were finally done. I kept turning every piece over before picking it up and soon enough I'd even seen a tiny Scorpion crawl around. Of course I did the usual boy-thing and poked it with a stick. It didn't move. I quickly bored and went back to gathering up all the cut pieces.

Yesterday I was hanging out outside my caravan and noticed I'd got mysel a new pet: a Huntsman has moved into an old bottle right outside. I thought he was dead first as he refused to move when I hit the glass with my fingernails. So I let him be and went about my business as usual. When I checked on him a couple of hours later he'd moved slightly to a different spot in the bottle. Now everytime I see him he's moved a little. I don't know if he's stuck in there and can't get out, or if he's just found an awesome spot for catching little bugs, but I'm sure he's not happy with me shining my flashlight on him after sunset and hitting the glass with my fingernails. I just hope he's not prone to revenge, though his bite would hardly kill me. For now I'll just keep him as my pet and call him "Olle, the lame spider" as he is very uninterested in my activities.

Another week has passed and I've now done 22 days toward my second visa. With 66 days to go I feel that time is almost flying past and I've been offered to stay at my current farm for a while longer. I said "yes please" as I like this place and my hosts.

Australia is not getting rid of me just yet.

Beppe Karlsson, Bromley

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