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How to cure Homesickness

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Today, one week short of having been on the road for a year, I was struck by the not-so-familiar feeling of Homesickness. After spending about 2 hours on the phone to my lovely parents yesterday they, and home, filled my dreams last night. I woke up with a pang of missing something, or a lot of things.

For the first time since I left home nearly a year ago I realized I actually miss it. I miss the food, though that's hardly new, but further I miss my family, my friends, going to visit grandma for Sunday Roast - preferably moose. I miss blackcurrant jelly, lingonberry jam and ostkaka. I miss getting in the car to drive to my friends' and just hang out. I miss Stockholm in the summer and I miss the closeness to other European countries. Damn, I even miss snow, though it's the wrong time of year for that now.

Overcome by feelings of emptiness and despair I decided to get over it, I'm not in a financial position where I can just fly back and forth across the world at will and the funds won't magically appear anytime soon, so I'll just have to suck it up, be a man and get over it. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: Go about business as usual.
Have breakfast, go to work and listen to music. Don't avoid music from your home country, it's good therapy to face your feelings.

Step 2: Break the routine.
Spill food on the floor and have the cleaning lady suck it up with the vaccuum cleaner. Eat alone by the fire-place instead of at the table.

Step 3: Talk to a friend.
Not one from back home, but someone you love and trust in the country you are in right now. If you know some other traveler, great. If not, just go with it anyway. For me it works especially well if they try to push me towards going home for a visit; I always want to do the opposite of what people tell me.

Step 4: Have some whiskey ready for occasions like this.
Sip it gently. Take a good swig, or skull the whole damn thing; whatever floats your boat, man.

Step 5: Research further trips.
Now that you're a bit tipsy and have your inhibitions lowered, as well as your adventurous spirit off its leash, you should start looking at fun things you want to do where you are currently at, or where you will be heading in the near future. Get the excitement over the road to come back to you.

Step 6: Remember why you left in the first place.
You probably wanted some adventure in your life, ie your life at home sucks! What would you do if you were home now? I'd probably just eat lots of food, have a kebab pizza and go into a coma for a couple of days. Then I'd see all my friends and family and within a week I'd be bored out of my mind again, acheing to leave that boring place once again.

Step 7: Send me $100 as thanks for curing your illness
Not really part of the cure, but hey, I need the money so I can go back for a visit!

So what have we learnt today kids? A blog without photos is boring.

Beppe Karlsson, Harcourt

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I missed your tot, and I missed you more. :-D

It was really great to talk to you again. The only thing is that it become more difficult and activate the longing for you. But I'm glad you're traveling, glad you take for yourself of what life has to offer.

My desire is really pleased that you do everything you do and a pleasure for that you is you.

Hug my beloved son.


by Peter PC Carlsson

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