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What to avoid when travelling around Australia 27.11.2012
Another year, another opportunity 30.08.2012
Return to the city 01.08.2012
Can you count to 88? 26.07.2012
The Firewatcher 20.07.2012
How to cure Homesickness 15.07.2012
Bye bye bushlife 11.07.2012
Navigating with the stars 29.05.2012
Creepy-crawly things in the bush 21.05.2012
Bushmen and Goldfields 14.05.2012
Going underground 25.03.2012
Live like the Devil 16.03.2012
The Fisherman 13.02.2012
Free pourin' 29.01.2012
Flippin' pennies 16.01.2012
The sun is beating on Santa as his sled is stuck in the sand 23.12.2011
I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas... 27.11.2011
Two psychos, one week and a million challenges 24.10.2011
A new beginning 18.10.2011
Don't mess with the Berserk 13.10.2011
The end of sorrow 09.10.2011
The land of opposite 07.10.2011
The end of America 04.09.2011
Travis Jackson told me Kansas horses have feathers... 12.08.2011
Liberty City, Empire State 03.08.2011
Insane Vikings 26.07.2011
Rocks and volcanoes 22.07.2011
Broken machinery 18.07.2011
Saying goodbye is never easy 13.07.2011
Introduction to my life 04.07.2011
On the road to Berlin 20.06.2011