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Travis Jackson told me Kansas horses have feathers...

Kentucky hospitality & Kansas barbecue

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I was just about ready to give up. I'd spent the whole day in the library, surfing on the internet for a place to stay and just cursing my own foolishness for going to meet up with someone without having any definite plans. Through couchsurfing I'd been able to find a place to stay on the following night, but this night, I was out on my luck it seemed.

Just when I was about to book a hotel room for the night, Inga sent me a link to a website where you can rent a room in someone's home. I was looking through the page for Louisville, Kentucky when I got a message on facebook. It was Carl, the guy I came to meet up with in Louisville. He hadn't gone online in a few days and didn't realize I was on my way (actually already there) so he sent me his phone number. I called him up and I was invited to stay at his place.


About half an hour later he picked me up in Louisville and we drove out to his parents, stopping for some beer and Kentucky Bourbon to bring to my hosts. I was fed a delicious dinner, drank beer and had an interesting conversation about life on a Kentucky farm. I was then shown to my room for the next two nights and offered a ride to Kansas City by Carl and his girlfriend Bente from Germany. They were going on a NW-loop road trip and offered to drop me off on the way.

The following days were spent on the farm, with a couple of errands in Louisville. Some golfing on Bob's home made golf course. I finished dead last, but my brutal defeat was compensated when I saw the first fireflies I've ever seen in my whole life.

We drove out to some bar for a few beers. On the road out there I saw another first, a possum. It looked so stupid and slow as it appeared in the headlights. The next thing I heard was a soft 'thump'. "That was the first possum I've seen in my entire life, and we just ran over it!"

I was blown away by the hospitality of the Rueff family, they left me wanting nothing. I am lucky to have met them and very grateful for all they did in aiding me on this trip.


Around lunch-time Friday the 5th of August we drove west, staying on the highways all the way from Louisville, over Saint Louis and on to Kansas City where I met up with Evan in Westport.


After the handover of my luggage and saying good bye to Carl and Bente me and Evan went to a bar for some drinks. There I witnessed the first dance-off I've ever seen. Five black guys and one tall, douchebag-looking white guy were all most likely fighting for the attention (and nightlong loving) from the few girls in the place. To me it all seemed so bizarre and goofy, I couldn't help but laugh.

The next day Evan took me downtown in Kansas City and we went to one of the best barbecue places in town. Now, barbecue in Kansas is already a treat, but you haven't had barbecue until you've been to Oklahoma Joe's.


Later that day Evan drove me out to Lawrence and handed me over to Travis. That is where I'm still hanging out, keeping busy for most of the day. This house seems to never be quiet, always people coming and going. Poker tournaments, quick games of Cheezle, barbecue cooking and the meeting place to round up a bunch of people to go do something. Whether it be going to the bar, play frisbee golf, going on a boat, playing pool-volleyball or gathering for the kickball game of the week, this is the place to go. There is always something going on and it's hard for the wicked people to find some rest in this town.

The Horsefeathers don't offer any help. I know, horses don't have feathers, but here in Kansas they do. Just grab a glass, fill it with ice, pour in some whiskey, mix it with ginger ale and add a couple of dashes of bitter and feel the refreshing breeze from the Horsefeather. I was introduced to this local drink by Travis, and I've been going on that diet ever since I got here.

For the next part of my trip Travis has set me up with a ride to Aspen, Colorado with Pat and Spenser on monday the 15th. I will then have the week to get to Los Angeles to catch my flight to Australia.

Stay tuned for some pictures of Rocky Mountains hiking.

Beppe Karlsson
Lawrence, KS

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Loved seeing you Beppe! Hopefully will see you again soon! Im comin to Europe eventually, I promise! ha

by Evan Leitnaker

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